THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                         

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A big country like China knows thousands of  instruments, and if we keep in mind that several ethnicities live within the actual borders whose instruments have not been deeply reserached, it is obvious that it is impossible to provide a catalogue of all instruments.

It's rather more interesting to point out those instruments which are still performed today, reach back far into history and provide deep links to the historical literature and music performance as well as the profound understanding of actual and "classic" Chinese music:

o The zither Qin
o The zither GuZheng
o The dulcimer YangQin
o The lute PiPa
o The lute Ruan
o The Erhu
o The flute DiZi
o The Xiao flute
o The Bawu
o The mouthorgan Sheng
o The HuLuSi
o The Xun
o The Bian Zhong
o The litophones
o The Tam Tam Gong
o The Paigu drum
o The Mouthorgan Loo Sheng
o The Oboe Suona
o The Oboe Guan Ze

Please also visit my videos - you will find hundreds of videos of and for Chinese instruments!