THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Ingo Stoevesandt: Biography
After finishing his studies in classical music (piano), Ingo Stoevesandt went on a several months lasting field trip to Southeast Asia.
After his return he started to collect the traditional instruments of that region, presents those in lectures, concerts and a monthly radio
show, organizes concerts for Asian artists in Germany and started this pages as a network for artists, researchers and students.

Ingo Stoevesandt

Ingo Stoevesandt an his Saung Gauk
2001      Diploma (BA;MA)
              Filed research in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand
              (picks up first instruments, start of collection)

2002       Starts publishing artciles about the music of Southeast Asia,
               first lectures and concerts with his instruments

2003       Start of engagement in creating a network for artists,
               several concerts and lectures in the following years

2007       Organizes a concert tour for Canadian artist
Mei Han
               first appearance on German radio

2008      Organizes a concert tour for Canadian artist
Liu Fang
               several instruments on display during the show
"Orchesterwelten - Weltorchester"  
               first broadcast of his monthly radio show on German radio

2009     Several concerts, radio shows, lectures and movie productions   

2010     Field reserach in Myanmar/Burma,
             several concerts, radio shows, lectures and movie productions

2011     Organizes a tour throughout Europe for the Burmese Marionette Ensemble
2012     Until today: several concerts, radio shows, and lectures  

2015     several concerts, lectures and a museum exhibition

2018     Ffield research in Sulawesi, concerts and lectures