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The Erhu
The two stringed violin Erhu is the Chinese version of several violin/fiddle models spread out over SE Asia. It is one of the most famous instruments in China right now and even Western listeners combine the special tone of the Erhu with Chinas traditional music.

Performed solo and in ensemble, the Erhu combines traditional and modern aspects of Chinese music. It was mentioned first in the first millenium BC, so it is, along with the Qin and Zheng one of the oldest instruments in Asia. The resonating gourd with its octagonal shape seperates the Erhu from other Asian fiddles. The bow is enclosed between both strings which are tuned in a fourth or fifth. 

Playing the Erhu nowadays challenges the player with rather difficult techniques. Being implied within modern compositions, new playing styles demanded different appearance to the tone. Today, Erhu artists are highly respected for their skills and the solo literature increases.

Learn how to play Erhu online here!

The special voice of the Erhu, rich of formants, is not comparable to western fiddles and violins. It is a special warm, high and nasal voice which attracts listeners and artists worldwide.
Other versions of the Erhu are the Gaohu and the Zhonghu.
Again, beware of cheap Ebay models! A good Erhu should be about 200 Dollar upwards...
You will find several Erhu artists on my friendlist on 

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