THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Here you find my always growing collection of videos about the traditional music in Southeast Asia.
As usual, some of the videos in these "youtube" playlists get deleted, sorry for any inconvenience!

 o Bali: Gamelan

o Borneo: Rainforest Music Festival

o Cambodia: Ensemble music
o Cambodia: Instruments

o China: Aerophones
o China: Erhu
o China: Guzheng
o China: Other instruments
o China: Pipa
o China: Qin

o Indonesia: Gamelan
o Indonesia: Instruments
o Indonesia: Other music

o Laos: Ensembles + instruments
o Laos: Khene + aerophones

o Malaysia: Ensembles
o Malaysia: Instruments

o Burma: Ensembles
o Burma: Instruments

o Philippines: Ensembles

o Thailand: Ensembles
o Thailand: Instruments

o Vietnam: Ensembles
o Vietnam: Ethnic groups
o Vietnam: Instruments