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The Qin

Being one of the oldest instruments still performed today, the Qin holds several special positions in the Chinese musical history.

Dating back to Shang dynasty (1500 BC), the Qin knows a rich diversity of "old" and "ancient" tunes, of which several pieces survived by being transferred to other instruments like the Pipa 
or Zheng.

Another special position of the Qin is the context of the music and the associations connected with this instrument.  

Each instrument is carved with a poem and a specific name (like "nine clouds begin to circle") which already indicates that the Qin has to be understood not only as a musical instrument but as a real person.

The instrument is not easy to learn and provides a never ending challenge in self discipline and concentration...

* Sample (MP3, 695 KB) *

There are several fantastic websites with all valuable information about tuning, how to read scores and how to play and perform the Qin:

Pages about the Guqin

I am practising the Qin for about half a year now. If you want to read some more basic informations about the Qin and listen to my recordings, please visit me and other Qin artists on my Myspace pages.

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