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The Xiao
The long bamboo flute Xiao is the closest friend of the Qin zither. It is not only performed in ensembles and solo but also so far the only instrument that accopmanies the Qin. It's delicate soft tone is easily recognized and demands high playing skills.
It's Japanese follower, the Shakuhachi, is famous worldwide from several martial arts movies.

* Sample (MP3, 237 KB) *

The model shown above has six playing and four open holes, is tuned pentatonic on the F key and has a range of two octaves.
Other models know more playing holes and the possibility to tune the instrument by the joining of two halfs.
Like it is said with the Japanese Shakuhachi, the instruments needs some time to "like you" before it is played well.
This refers back to the fact mentioned with the Qin that Chinese instruments partially have to be respected as a person.

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