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Books + CDs

Musicians and Composers
The artists page of famous Guzheng artist Mei Han (ASZA)
The homepage of the famous Pipa artist Liu Fang
The homepage of Chinese Pipa soloist Gao Hong
The homepage of Pipa artist Ma Jie
The homepage of the Guzheng artist Lunlun Zou with MP3s, Infos and Videos
The homepage of Guzheng artist and manufacturer Master Xu Zhen Gao
The homepage of Guzheng artist Bei Bei
The homepage of  Guzheng artist and composer Wu Fei
The blog page of Canadian Guzheng artist Vi An
The homepage of the Erhu artist Xiao Dong Wei
The Myspace page of multi instrumentalist Barbie Chien
The Myspace page of Chinese Qin player "Xiao"
Homepage of Guqin artist and Professor at Beijing Conservatory of Music Mr. Li Xiangting
The homepage of the North American Guqin Association (NAGA)
The homepage of the Orchid ensemble 
The “Jumping Buddha Ensemble” including Erhu player Xiao Feng Zhang
A Wikipedia list of Chinese musicians, including modernm artists
Chinese music ensemble based in the San Francisco Bay Area promoting classical Chinese music
The homepage of a performance group based in New York City
The homepage of the multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Moyer
The homepage of the Guzheng artist Angela Jui Lee
The homepage of the Zheng artist Wu Wei
The homepage of the famous GuQin artist Wang Fei
The homepage of the famous Erhu artist Shen Qi
A worldwide platform for Chinese music