THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Some basic articles written by Ingo Stoevesandt:

Traditional music of Cambodia
A small online article with basic descriptions of the traditional music of Cambodia

Traditional music of China  
A small essay and introduction into the traditional Chinese music

Traditional music of Indonesia
A short introduction into to the traditional music of Indonesia

Traditional music of Laos    
A short introduction of the traditional music in Laos

Traditional music of Malaysia
A short overview speaking about ethnic diversity

Traditional music of Burma / "Myanmar"
A short introduction into the traditional music and dance of Myanmar

Traditional music of the Philippines
A small introduction with some historical  notes

The traditional music of Thailand
A basic overview with critical and analytical remarks

The traditional music of Vietnam
An introduction into the traditional Vietnamese music

Exotism and Populsim: Hopes and dangers
An essay on problems of modern approaches towards traditions

The zithers of Southeast Asia
An overview of the main zither instruments

Playing the GuZheng  
Inspirations for the great Chinese zither
Playing the Pipa  
A short manual for Beginners in Chinese lute playing

Playing the Khene
An article about first steps on the Laotian mouthorgan Khene 

Mahagita - Music for the Burmese harp "Saung Gauk"
A short  introduction of the instrument, how to play and example scores

"KERASUKAN: a musical journey in Sulawesi"
E-book and hardcover book about my field research in Sulawesi 2018

More to come soon...