THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Some basic links to sites which do not fit in elsewhere but should really be visited!
The biggest forthcoming museum of musical instruments in the world
The pages of the "International Council for Traditional Music"
The archive pages with free PDFs  of the "Asian European Music Resarch Journal" (AEMRJ)

Eastern free reed instruments
A very good overview and article by P.Missin

The History and distribution of free reed mouthorgans
PDF article by Roger Blench
Homepage of the Society for Ethnomusicology SEM
The very detailed "Atlas" of plucked instruments by Henny de Bruin

The 12 wackiest instruments
12 very unusual musical instruments with videos and description
Everything about and around the "jews harp"
A wonderful page about strange instruments frome all over the world
The pages of Robert Garfias with audio and video files from Southeast Asia
The "house of culture" in Berlin
A page with ethnographic videos, blogs and travelouges
A project exploring endangered music genres worldwide
The homepage of the "Asian-European-Music-Research Journal" with many interesting articles
The homepage of the "Malaysian Journal of Music" with many interesting articles
The homepage of the ethnomusicologist and instrument collector Jeremy Montagu

Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives
The homepage of the project decolonizing sound archives

The world of overtone singing
A wonderful blog with many videos by Tran Quang Hai
A blog entry about mindfulness in music, written by Gideon Waxman

10 Instruments which can be homemade
A blog entry about how to build easily your own instruments by "Playthetunes"