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The Hulusi
The aerophone Hulusi is not easy to classify and belongs to the category of "sinozised" instruments (originating from the Dai group).
The central bamboo pipe knows 7 playing holes covering the diatonal scale and sounds from an included reed. The two additional pipes can be blocked from sounding or be opened to resound drones.

The Hulusi appears in several froms, tuned in F, G or C and always with a central gourd (gourd="hulu").

It is maybe linked to the Indian snake bender flutes, but knows a more intimate and softer tone. The voice is very warm, but the instrument is not easy to play.

To keep intonation demands a good and steady breath, and when the additional drones are opened you need a constant pressure in your breath, which is not to strong and not to weak.

This instrument is to low to compete in bigger ensembles, so it is rather often played solo or in a duet with another instrument.
Mouthorgans in Asia cover a wide range, ranging from two up to 17 pipes, sizing from 20 cm up to two meters. One of the most famous mouthorgans from Asia is the mouthorgan 
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