THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                         

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The diversity of musical instruments in Vietnam is given birth by a multitude of 54 ethnic groups living within the actual borders.
As a catalogue of instruments would be impossible due to its size, only the most important and outstanding instruments get represented below. Besides the classical instruments of the Kinh music we also find outstanding models from other ethnic groups, which sometimes get implemented in (so called) "traditional" ensembles:

o the zither Tranh
o the monochord Dan Bao
o the lute Tyba
o the mouthorgan Qeej
o the lute Dan Tinh
o the lute Dan Nguyet
o the lute Dan Tam
o the lute Dan Day
o the fiddle K'ny
o the litophon Dan Da
o the violin Dan Nhi
o the xylofon T'rung
o the xylofon Klongput
o the tube zither Dinh Goong
o the jaw harp Dan Moi
o the coin clapper Phach 

Please keep in mind that most of the instruments presented above are best experienced in their ensemble appearance rather than listening to them solo. Instrumental links to the divers singing traditions are missed and will have to be discussed in an forthcoming article.

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