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Books + CDs

Musicians and Composers
The website of the Dan Bao player and multi instrumentalist Pham Duc Thanh
The website of the famous multi instrumentalists Khac Chi Ho and Ngoc Bic Hoang living in Canada
The website of the musicologist, book author and leader of perfomance groups Phong Nguyen. One can find informations, audiofiles and pictures of instruments on his second page :
The website of the musician, teacher, artist and scientist Tran Quang Hai, and here his 
blog about him and his father Tran van Keh
The website of a performance group based in Saigon, founded by Prof. Pham Thuy Hoan, contains audio and videofiles for download
The Myspace page of the performance group called “The Echo from Motherland” based in San Jose, California
The website of the musicians, composers  and researchers Le Tuan Hung and  Dang Kim Hieng
The Myspace page of the famous Vietnamese artist VNguyen Ngoc Khan