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The mouthorgan Qeej

The mouthorgan Qeej is a central instrument of the
Hmong people in Thailand and Vietnam.  This mouthorgan reminds us of other mouthorgans like the Lao and Thai Khaen (which is pronounced equal to the Qeej). The Qeej is deeply linked to the vocal traditionas and the Hmong languange. It is rarely played solo, more often perforemd in a duet (players standing back to back) or to accompany singing and ensembles.
The model shown above has six bamboo pipes, tuned in a pentatonic scale.

The sound is a bit outstanding compared to other mouthorgans, due to its size (some pipes may get over a meter long and sometimes get covered on the top with a gourd as an additional resonator) its tone is more low and deep, also bit roaring.

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