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The Suling flutes from Makassar

These  "Suling" bamboo flutes are from Makassar, from the
famous artist and flute maker 
Khaeruddin Udin.

Other than the Javanese Suling, these flutes are not tuned in
the slendro or pelog scales, but provide a diatonic scale.

The top ring  as well as the second ring are fixed from slipping
by a piece of tape. The flute with the yellow tape is used for
tuning the
Kecapi boatlute, the second hole (key a) is the basic
 note for the two strings of the Kecapi, but this only happens if
the Suling is substituting the singing.

The finger holes are not equidistand like on other Suling in
Sulawesi, for example the bigger
Lembang in Toraja or the
Lalove of the Kaili people. The diameter of the flute varies
depending on the supposed base key.

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