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The Suling Lembang flute

The  "Suling Lembang" bamboo flute from Tana Toraja
in Sulawesi is a sacred object.  It is used for entertainment as
well as for the important funeral ceremonies.

This special flute is 64 cm long, 2.4 cm in diameter and has six
finger holes on the top and no thumb hole on the back.  
Opening hole by hole, the following scale sounds:

C - Eb - E - F - G - A - B
Depending on the quality of the flute and the abilities of the
performer, other scales, even with quarter steps are possible.

The end of the flute is sometimes covered by a buffalo horn,
but actually players prefer a wooden bell. The sound of the Lembang is associated with the human voice, and most of the
players agree that the wooden bell sounds more "human."

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