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The Lalove flute

The  "Lalove"  bamboo flute from from the Kaili people
in central Sulawesi is a ceremonial tool, evocating ghosts .

This big  flute is 76 cm long, 2.7 cm in diameter and has six  
equidistant finger holes on the top, arranged in two pairs
of three holes, and no thumb hole on the back.  Opening hole
by hole, an interesting scale sounds:

A - C# - D - D# - F- F# - G#  (approximately)

The flut is played during 
healing ceremonies and strictly
forbidden to be played without purpose due to it's magic
abilities to evocate ghosts.

Players use circular breathing  for playing, most of the
music ("kobi" songs) is free of metrics and uses both
octaves or registers of the flute.

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