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Other links:
The homepage of the artist and ethnomusicologist Hans Brandeis, with many pictures, videos and audio files and informations about the music of the Philipino ethnic tribes, the SAOT project and his duo “Flute and Voice”
The homepage of ethnomusicologist Hans Brandeis and Arjho Carino-Turner with many pictures and videos of boatlutes
Archive page for the video recordings of researcher Robert Garfias
The Homepage of the United Philippines Center for Musicology
Wonderful Homepage about artists, instruments and festivals with Bamboo instruments in the Philippines
Sinag Tala is an organization that supports artists of the Philippines in classic, choral and ethnic music.
Robert Garfias huge pages of field recordings in the Philippines, highly recommended!
The gallery and informational pages of  Fekke de Jager
A huge article about the T'boli by  Faye Velasco