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Books + CDs

Traditional music of the Philippines
A small introduction written by Ingo Stoevesandt, which is also posted here

"The boatlutes of the Philippines" written by Hans Brandeis
70 page PDF written by ethno-musicologist  Hans Brandeis

"Boatlutes in the Visayas" written by Hans Brandeis
106 page PDF written by ethno-musicologist  Hans Brandeis

"Kudyapi" written by Hans Brandeis
An article written by ethno-musicologist  Hans Brandeis
The homepage and articles of ethno-musicologist  Hans Brandeis

"Tradition and Innovation: Bamboo music in the Philippines"
A wonderful book (PDF) about Bamboo instruments in the Philippines
A beautiful online version of the film “Sounds of the Kalinga” by David G. Such with detailed informations, audio and video files
An interesting article about the “tiger bell” by Fekke de Jager
A huge online article titled “Diatonic harp of the Philippines” written by Stephen L. Grauberger
An article with pictures and audio files about the Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilippino ensemble
The homepage of the National Comission for Culture and Arts (NCAA)
a comparison between Sulawesi and Philippines musical traditions by  Mohammed Amin