THE MUSIC OF  SOUTHEAST ASIA:                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Books + CDs

The website of the "Society for Sustainable Tourism" (SST)
The website presenting the Karen people and their culture
A project introducing the Karen musicians´on the Thai-Burmese border
Nice overview and info about the Shan people in Burma and other unrepresented people of the world
The online forum of the Chin people (worldwide)
A little overview of some the ethnicities living in Myanmar
The "Joshua Project" page about the Palaung people, with a browser for all ethnic groups
A page about the ethnicities living in mountainous areas
Actual information and hints on cultural events in Myanmar
A nice blog with actual information about the culture of Myanmar
A nice page with lots of audio and video files about classical music from Myanmar

"Miss Rosy dance: 500 Kyaet per song"
An interesting article about a street dancer
A huge website with songs from Myanmar