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"KERASUKAN: A musical journey in Sulawesi"
written by Ingo Stoevesandt

 "Kerasukan" literally translates as "being possessed", but in Makassar it
also describes the energy a musician needs to perform his musical instrument.

Ethnomusicologist Ingo Stoevesandt takes us on his field research trip
throughout Sulawesi:

We celebrate a funeral with the famous Toraja in the Highlands,
listen to sacred flute music in a healing ceremony in Palu,
record forbidden music in a magic forest with the Kajang,
but most of all meet wonderful musicians and their ensembles,
read about their passion for the traditional music and about their
unique and outstanding musical instruments.

Hardcover, DIN A 4, 90 pages
71 pictures, 12 transcriptions

Limited edition! Not available in stores, only here!

Price: 15,- Euro
(Inclusive international shipping from Germany)

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