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The traditional music of Cambodia
An Overview

Still, a lot of terms of the traditional Khmer music remain unresearched.  This is why this article is only meant to give an overview and hopefully raise some interest. It does not intend to reflect the actual state of scientific research and refers to the authors knowledge only.

Table of contents :

Page 02: Introduction

Page 04: Instruments and Ensembles

Page 07: Shadow theatre and dances

Page 08: Systemology

Instead of providing a list of according literature I would like to recommend the links on this page.

There are of course lots of sources, mostly in French and some in English, but most of them are not available anymore and you could only be lucky to read one of them if you pass by a biblary of a French University.

If you are interested in a list of according literature going further than the links on this page please contact me.

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