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Musicians and composers
Ethnic groups
Books + CDs

The website of the “Vietnamese Institute for Musicology (V.I.M.)” in Hanoi, very beautiful website with a lot of informations, pictures, audio and video-files about traditional Vietnamese music and the music of the ethnic groups, actual research news and CDs + books
The website of the “Association For Viet Arts” in  San Jose, California, with informations about events, concerts + lectures
The website of the Institute for Vietnamese Music is dedicated to the preservation of, research into, and performance and teaching of traditional Vietnamese music, including solo, chamber, religious, theatrical, and minority types of music extant in Vietnam today
The Homepage of the “Australia Asia Foundation” with informations about projects and artists,english and Vietnamese articles
The website of the HaNoi Opera house with actual programs, also in French and Vietnamese language
The Homepage of the “Vietnam National Symphonie Orchestra” with informations about programms, musicians and conductors