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Musicians and composers
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The website of the famous researcher and artist Tran Van Khe
The website of the researcher, teacher, artist and scientist Tran Quang Hai, who is also an expert for the Overtone Singing of Tuva. Website appears in English, Vietnamese and French and gives informations about Vietnamese music as well. Please also visit his blog
The website of the musicologist, book author and leader of perfomance groups Phong Nguyen. One may also find additional  informations, audiofiles and pictures of instruments on his second page :
The website of the musicians, composers  and researchers Le Tuan Hung and  Dang Kim Hieng presenting articles, books, audio CDs and informations about traditional and contemporary Vietnamese music
A small online article of composer and singer Phillip Blackburn who is also P.D. of the Minnesota composers forum,
the complete article with some pictures and audiofiles can be found here: