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The fiddle saw
The fiddle Saw is a bowed string instrument in different sizes.
On the left picture you see the saw u which is in a lower pitch compared to other models like the saw duang or the saw sam sai.

The soundbox is made from a coconut shell that is covered on the open front by cowskin. The saw u is held vertically and has two silk strings that are played with a bow. The bow is between the strings and the player tilts the bow to play each string. The bow is made out of horse tail hair like every other bow and needs to have rosin put on occasionally just like a western stringed instrument.

The saw u is a very fragile instrument and is played traditionally on the lap sitting down. The saw u can be played as a solo instrument in some cases but is mainly used for the backbone in some ensembles because of its rich, dark, and mellow tone. The saw u performs its best when playing slow to moderate paced melodies. The sound that the saw u makes is more fit for those types of songs rather than fast paced melodies. The
morn (bridge) that rests at the bottom is extremely sensitive and drifts over time, causing changes in tone.

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