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The Puik-puik shawm

The  "Puik-puik"  is a a shawm which is basic for most
ensemble music in South Sulawesi, for example the music
for fight shows or the traditional 
Pakarena dances.

This shawm has six equidistant finger holes, is 32.5 cm
long, 5 cm in diameter on the end and 1.4 cm on top.
Like with all shawms, the most important part of the
instrument is the mouthpiece, a double reed.

The "Puik puik" shawm is surely coming from the Arabian
shwams like the "Mizma" or "Zurna", it can be found in
ensembles allover Southeast Asia.

In the video below, Serang Dakko is showing a free
improvisation with lots of fast ornamentations and funny
moves like the sliding finger.

* Video 01 *    

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