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The M'basing M'basing flute

The  "M'basing M'basing" (or simply "Basing Basing")
bamboo flute from from the Kaili people in central Sulawesi.

This smaller Suling like  flute is 36.5 cm long, 2 cm in
diameter and has six  finger holes on the top and no
thumb hole on the back.  I have no idea why the body of
the flute is black while the rest is left in natural colour.

Opening hole by hole a diatonic scale is provided, but most
players know many ways to perform semitones or even quarter
tones on demand.  Like most Suling in Sulawesi, this flute
provides the "human voice" in the "Dade'ndate" ensemble
of the Kaili people (see video 01 below).

Most of the time, the singer has his orientation in the melodies
provided by the flute, allthough both do not go unisono.

* Video 01 *    
* Video 02 *

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